The international character

The international character of the Internet poses new and interesting problems for state gambling policy makers. The inability of the current law to allow for effective enforcement of current policies is the greatest hurdle states face in regulating Internet gambling. In order to adapt their gambling policies to the world of Internet gambling, states will need to find effective means of enforcing whatever policy decisions they make. In order to achieve some regulatory authority over Internet casinos, states will need the cooperation of the foreign jurisdictions where the large majority of Internet casinos are located. In order to gain this cooperation, states should engage in increasing litigation against the casinos and the federal government should pass legislation supporting this activity by the states. The resulting pressure will hopefully bring other nations to the table in order to negotiate an international board that will oversee the implementation of a simple code of conduct that is both adaptable to the needs of the various jurisdictions where gamblers reside and is enforceable against the Internet casinos, wherever they are actually located.